1st Squadron 158th Cavalry, MDARNG

Our unit is very proud to announce that we have been selected as winners of

The Reckord Trophy and the Kerwin Award

They represent a culmination of hard work and dedication on the part on the entire Cavalry Squadron. The awards honor top military units from across the country. Official presentations were made at the National Guard Association Convention and the Association of the United States Army Convention in Washington DC.

The Squadron is extremely proud of these accomplishments. High morale and high technology are integral parts of the unit strength because members bring special skills to the unit from various backgrounds or civilian occupations.

The shot above is a TOW missile being fired from a HUMMVW at a simulated target. We continuously prepare for situations which we might encounter in the future, however, just to see where we have been:

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NEWS RELEASE November 1996

The fall season has been an active time for the 1/158th Cavalry Squadron. We have just returned from our annual gunnery training at Fort Dix, New Jersey. In the first six weeks of the new training year, the Cav has qualified over 85 percent of its personnel on individual weapons. While at Range 38 conducting M-16 qualifications, the Squadron was visited by Secretary of Defense, William Perry. He took time to speak with members of the unit and actually fired an M-16. The unit also conducted crew-served weapons qualifications and AH-1F helicopter aerial gunnery, during both day and night. The unit shot 12 TOW missiles and nearly 100,000 rounds of ammo, including 9mm, 5.56, 7.62 and 50 caliber. This coming February, the Cav will take part in a Division level, computer-simulated operation on the Korean peninsula. The training is always highly realistic.

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Communicate directly with the Squadron Commander, LTC Thomas Johnson. He is online, on mission and on target.

There a re now openings in our unit for new members.

Most of the positions available are for AH-1F crew chiefs and armorers. These positions involve maintenance on unit Cobra helicopters and loading aircraft weapons, however, other positions are also open such as for cooks or communications personnel. If you qualify, and are willing to learn, you too can take part in an exciting and highly regarded military unit. Duty assignment is either Annapolis or Edgewood, Maryland.

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