The First Squadron 158th Cavalry is one of the premier fighting forces in the United States today. As part of the Maryland Army, National Guard, soldiers in the unit serve one weekend a month and two weeks during the year to maintain military preparedness.

The Squadron Headquarters is located in the Medford Armory near the intersection of U.S. Route 50 and Route 2 in Annapolis, Maryland.

The Commander, LTC Thomas Johnson, is a combat veteran from Viet Nam who provides experienced cavalry leadership for the Squadron.

The training provided for the unit is comprehensive, realistic and extensive.

Members of the unit take pride in their abilities to accomplish their missions while developing innovative techniques for other combat units to emulate. High technology is an integral part of the unit strength and members bring special skills from various backgrounds or civilian occupations. The following personnel can frequently be found online:

The Internet proved to be a useful means to communicate when members of the unit traveled to Estonia in January 1996. LTC Johnson led the way with other officers from the 29th Aviation Brigade.

CPT Brian Johnson is shown instructing a military class.

The following are mostly "MAIL TO" type links to reach unit members:

CPT Kevin O'Brien is a key leader for helicopter operations, organizer of events and newly qualified gunship driver.

CPT PJ Cisar is a Troop Commander who is an environmental expert at Aberdeen Proving Ground

1LT Mark Berglund is an operations expert who works at Aspen Systems

Lieutenant Gregory Moritz is the Gunship Platoon Leader for C Troop.

Lieutenants Andy Goldin and Carlos Santillian,both have worked at Calibre Systems.

CW3 Bill Earl is an instructor pilot for the AH-1F and is full time programmer at Social Security Administration, who has actually developed a special software package for managing aircraft flight operations, maintenance and crew endurance. One program known as "CARMA", tracks vital statistics on a daily basis which is essential for modern management. The other is a vastly improved method of updating the Crewmembers Information Reading File (CIF). Those interested in these programs should contact him directly at

CW2 Craig Hoover is an AH-1F gunship driver who operates Integrated Network Strategies (INS) and the web server for this page as well as other distinguished clients. Contact Craig directly or visit the home page

CW2 Casey Andrews is AH-1F gunship driver who works at FNMA

CW2 Pete Doerr is an AH-1F driver who works at Signature Aviation BWI, is an ACW devotee and is an accomplished netsurfer.

CW2 Mark Rawl is an AH-1F instructor pilot and unit Standardization Officer

CW2 Jay Van Gilder is an AH-1F driver and our newest online guy.

CW2 Greg Bastien is old Cav guy from Germany and Fort Rucker who does gold work for a living.

CW3 Russ Johnson is AH-1F Instructor pilot who logs plenty of air time in the big iron cockpits with Continental.

CW4 Robert Weber is the unit Safety Officer who is a consultant on aviation and the Internet (Comments about this page can be directed to: Squadron Webmeisteror visit any of several pages.

SFC Bill Tabbert of HHT, is our full time administrative expert.

Don Craze and Rick DeGraffenreid serve important maintenance roles in D Troop.

Matt Nowlin and D Eggers perform technical duties in B Troop.

We also have some special pages for those who like to cruise the web with the Cavalry spirit in mind:

First there is the Bosnia Link and then another jounalistic approach by a colleague who used to be with the Virginia National Guard.

The U.S. Cavalry Catalog has many fine items of useful equipment and apparel such as the famous Cav Hats, Spurs and Sabers.

A modernized version of the vehicles used by our ground recon units.

One very realistic way to fully appreciate the concept of cavalry tactics.

A historic lesson in Cavalry tactics from the Civil war era.

First Maryland Cavalry (CSA): a history through re-enactment.

A modern look at current threat equipment with which our unit is familiar.

The U.S. Army Homepage.

The Helicopter Association International.

A directory for local military sites

AirCav Productions, which publishes an electronic newsletter for members entitled, NetRecondo.

Click here to see our other page which outlines our training program from last year.

We have also provided a link for some additional images of unit activities.

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