The Guard can save you money on tuition.

Excerpts from memo to all Cav members regarding House Bill 1362 - Tuition Reduction

1. HB 1362 was signed into law in May 1996. This law does not force colleges and universities to give a reduction in tuition to members of the guard, but allowed them to waive tuition if they wished. Almost all (except three) State supported colleges and universities have developed a 25% tuition waiver for guard members when they take credit courses. This applies to graduate and under graduate courses, (only on a space available basis meaning, the class is not full of regular paying students). Each institution has its own rules. Some limit the number of credits and/or semester hours attempted. HB 1362 does not apply to private colleges and universities, i.e., Johns Hopkins, Western Maryland, Loyola College, etc. At this time it does not apply to the following state supported schools: Harford Community College, St. Mary's College and Morgan State University. The situation at these schools is being reviewed. 2. Classes held at Camp Fretterd, Hoyer Armory, Olney Military Reservation and Warfield Air Base will allow all guard members the 25% waiver regardless of paying student enrollment space (as long as enough physical space exists in the classroom to accommodate the member). Additionally all guard members and spouses get all fees waived plus the 25% waiver for all Bowie State University courses taught at the Guard sites mentioned above.

3. Procedure: To obtain the 25% waiver in tuition, Guard members must present a signed copy of the attached letter (available in your unit orderly rooms) as well as Military I.D. Card. Also Guard members must be in good standing and have at least 24 months remaining in the Maryland Army National Guard.

4. Point of Contact is SFC Tabbert @ (410) 974-7400 or E-Mail A HREF="">

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