The Order of the Spurs

SUBJECT: 1st Squadron, 158th Cavalry "Order of the Spur" Program

1. The Spur program is designed to recognize individual qualifications for those in a cavalry unit. The privilege of being awarded spurs in 1/158th Cavalry comes with hard work.

2. The following minimum guidelines must be met:

3. In addition to the above minimum requirements, the following are criteria that will be graded on a point system. A total of 300 out of a maximum of 450 will qualify.

Point Values
The Squadron Commander will then award the Spurs to be worn proudly during the individuals cavalry career.

Spurs may not retain the practical value that they once had,

but the tradition lives on.

The 1/158th Cavalry continues to recognize hard charging individuals, who the unit can rely upon to perpetuate the cavalry spirit.